Thrum 23-Inch Vase In Copper Ombre - Style: 7985638
Sterling Industries Thrum 23-Inch Vase In Copper OmbreWherever slender strings are brought together, sweet music is sure to follow. Presenting Thrum: A gorgeous openwork silhouette of Coppery, curvilinear metal threads looping harmonically towards a slim, graceful mouth. Try pairing this...
Moriarty Wall Clock - Style: 7985688
Sterling Industries Moriarty Wall Clock Product Specifications:Finish: CopperWidth(in.): 26.77Length(in.): 1.57Height(in.): 26.77Model Number - 3205-003
Ardor Table Sculpture In Bright Copper - Style: 7985748
Sterling Industries Ardor Table Sculpture In Bright Copper Product Specifications:Finish: CopperWidth(in.): 8.00Length(in.): 8.00Height(in.): 8.00Model Number - 351-10233
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Gooseberry Creek Bookends - Style: 7985784
Sterling Industries Gooseberry Creek Bookends Product Specifications:Finish: CopperWidth(in.): 14.00Length(in.): 4.00Height(in.): 9.00Model Number - 351-10261/S2
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Copper Geometric Console - Style: 7790540
Sterling Industries Copper Geometric ConsoleImagine the Red Rocks of Sedona rising in the distance, their reflections coalescing in the traces of a recent rain. Presenting the Amphitheatre Console: An elegant pastiche of Copper, Clear and Smoked glass rectangles among accent...
D'Anjou Decorative Pear Container - Style: 7986272
Sterling Industries D'Anjou Decorative Pear Container Product Specifications:Finish: CopperWidth(in.): 6.00Length(in.): 6.00Height(in.): 10.00Model Number - 8900-004
Aged Copper Clock - Style: 7790042
Sterling Industries Aged Copper ClockChronometers, pulleys, gears, weights. Pendulums, crystals, bells, springs. Oscillators, forks, hands, and chains. It's easy to forget that a clock is technology; yet even after centuries it's still not the main reason we mount one on...
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Polished Copper Wall Clock - Style: 7790044
Sterling Industries Polished Copper Wall Clocksituated in Central London's majestic Trafalgar Square since 1824, the National Gallery is one of the most renowned art museums in the world. Sharing its stateliness and early 19th Century elegance is our National Gallery-themed...
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Table Top Clock Globe - Style: 7790050
Sterling Industries Table Top Clock Globe Product Specifications:Finish: Antique CopperStyle: TraditionalWidth(in.): 7.00Length(in.): 7.00Height(in.): 11.00Model Number - 8984-024
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Monkey Monkey Jar Keeper - Style: 7279578
Sterling Industries Monkey Monkey Jar Keeper Product Specifications:Finish: CopperStyle: ContemporaryWidth(in.): 12.00Length(in.): 10.00Height(in.): 9.80Model Number - 91-2081
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Tree Set of 3 Secret Tree Bookends - Style: 7278652
Sterling Industries Tree Set of 3 Secret Tree Bookends Product Specifications:Finish: BronzeStyle: ContemporaryWidth(in.): 14.00Length(in.): 4.00Height(in.): 7.00Model Number - 91-4072
Ajax 1 Light Pendant In Copper - Style: 7986366
Sterling Industries Ajax 1 Light Pendant In Copper Product Specifications:Finish: CopperNumber of Bulbs: 1Width(in.): 16.00Length(in.): 16.00Height(in.): 6.00Model Number - D2966
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Antique Copper Oswego Circular Mirror - Style: 7282094
Sterling Industries Antique Copper Oswego Circular Mirror Product Specifications:Finish: Bluffort Antique CopperStyle: TraditionalWidth(in.): 6.30Height(in.): 30.00Model Number - DM1992

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