Why should you avoid lead based paint?

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Lead is a serious environmental pollutant that is essentially prohibited by environmental experts. Health and human service departments have recognized this as a threat to human health. The high progression of civilization has already brought the general mass closer to lead exposure through variations. Lead is primly spread through the media of drinking water, food items, wall painting and dust particles.

Lead based paint is although very popular as it is a well suited element for wall painting but the high exposure is seriously harmful. This is a very significant source of lead exposure. Although the contemporary home building does not accept lead painting but homes, those are built before 1960 mainly did consist of lead.

Basically what lead does as a harmful effect is harming human’s bodily well being. At a very primary level lead affects brain, central nervous system blood and nephrological health and at the higher level this can even cause death. Therefore to prevent both mental and physical health lead should be eradicated as a public concern.

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