Things to remember while picking up bedroom accessories


House Sort daily tips:

The bedroom, be it for the adults or the kids, is the most private place and therefore you must think and plan about how to decorate your bedroom. To start with the wall color you must select peaceful colors(like green and blue) for adults and energetic and strong colors(like red and orange) for children. The color purple goes well with white and pink with blue. The guest bedroom can be of neutral colors whereas for the bedroom of the spouse you must select colors that match with both the personalities.


If you are selecting bedspreads for kids’ bedroom then it must be of bright colors, printed in floral patterns or their favorite cartoon characters. For adults, the bedspreads can be of elegant shades like purple and maroon and also shades in white and blue. The lighting of the bedrooms must be dimmer and more soothing so as to help to create a cozy, soothing and romantic atmosphere. You must also plan about the chest of drawers and shelves in the bedroom. The bedroom must have light furniture so as not to disturb the cozy surrounding.

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