Linen thread counts explained

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8 hours of sleep in a day of 24 hours is an absolute must and one such thing which makes this sleep comfortable and relaxing is the thread count of the linen. People have the notion that a higher thread count is better which is true but most of them do not know the reason why. The thread count is defined as the number of linen threads placed both vertically and horizontally within 1 inch square of the fabric. This implies that the higher thread count is directly proportional to the softness of the fabric which helps in a more comfortable sleep.


One however needs to find that subtle line between durability and comfort as a very high thread count does not necessarily imply the fabric being durable nor does a low thread count imply that the fabric is uncomfortable. The average thread count nowadays ranges from 180 to 320 and the maximum linen thread count extends to about 400. Price is also a factor as a high linen thread count will cost more than one with a low thread count.

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