How to make your home look luxurious on a budget

Warm things up
You can give your dining room the luxurious feel of this Sydney penthouse in three easy steps. First, clear out every bit of clutter. Second, choose a simple, monochrome palette. Third (and this is where the luxury comes in), layer things up with some gorgeous sheepskins and an oversized candelabra. This room is the perfect balance of simplicity and luxury.

Note: While sheepskins look and feel luxurious they need not be expensive. Affordable natural and faux rugs are available from low-price stores such as Kmart and IKEA. Investing in more expensive skins will certainly elevate the space, however. High quality sheepskin is soft and silky. Merino, Icelandic, Mongolian and Gotland sheep hides are some of the most luxurious.
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