How to give your lounge a retro look

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It’s not only the sophisticated who experience with the retro style and vintage pieces. The last few years has seen explosions in the interior design industry, with a focus on wild patterns, crazy colours, and iconic furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s which is all for having fun. Leather sofas are very cool, hardwearing and stylish and are the direct pick as centrepiece for all retro-style living rooms. It is fun to explore vintage markets or any antique shop for ancient diner-styles of benches and coffee tables. Glass and chrome are doubtlessly the best shots for that chic vintage look.


Sift through for anything with a glossy surface or shiny legs for the best impact in the living room. Lighting is important for creating the apt ambience in homes therefore don’t be scared to add a few oversized or brightly-coloured lamps also. Two matching lampshades, placed on both sides of a recliner sofa or an entertainment area, can become the focus point. Whether your living room is carpeted or you have hardwood flooring a rug is always a great way to cover up the room. While going for retro design ideas, it is imperative to be subtle. It’s easy to go overboard with the busy and garish wallpapers, therefore keep it simple by adding up music or a film poster from those previous decades.

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